Tavistock Tutors wanted to integrate their current Salesforce solution into a web portal. This would allow them to manage their tutors, control their payments and ultimately scale their business.

Kick Off

The start of this project involved lots of discussions around the life of a tutor. We kicked this project off by interviewing one of the top tutors in the Tavistock Tutors programme and getting his feedback on similar products. Getting this first-hand experience was great but we also spoke to other tutors to get a fair idea.

Bringing together the lessons learnt from this process meant we could focus our time when designing the portal and really understand how tutors think.


We opted for an Umbraco website which used an MVC approach to integrating with Salesforce. This means that we were able to better control how the information flows between the two apps.

Tutors are guided through a flow which starts with their application, once the Tavistock Tutors team accepts them they are then sent a link to the portal to add their own username and password and finish off their profile. This means makes it much easier for the Tavistock team to manage the application process.


Once the website was operational we spent time testing against real-world tutors. We interviewed 10 tutors through the course of a day and got some valuable feedback that we straight away altered. The main view of the portal was that it was easy to use, easy to understand and concise. This was great feedback as the sign-up process requires a lot of information to be asked.

Now what

We continue to help the Tavistock Tutors team with building their website and continue to plan future iterations that will be added to the portal. This includes a section for pupils to log in and manage their lessons.

Name: Tavistock Tutors

Sector: Private tutoring

Services: Website staged build

Timeframe: 2 months

Keywords: Salesforce, portal, authentication

Technology: Umbraco, Salesforce, .Net, C#

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