Hello from Anna

Hello there! I am Anna, the new passionate Junior Front End Developer at Space Between.

Today is my first day with this amazing company. I am happy to write my first blog post ever and introduce myself. My name is Anna, the newest member of Space Between. I will work as a Junior Front End developer and I am very excited about it.

I have always been excited to build stuff by myself so I have decided to go into web development and dedicate my life to it. I have put many hours and spent all of my spare time learning and developing front-end skills. I have done an internship at a small startup in London as a front-end developer.

Every week, I try to attend various professional meetups and conferences to sharpen my skills and make me a competitive developer.

When I am not learning or working on a project I spend my time with my husband. My other passion is table tennis. I have been playing professionally for over 10 years.

Well, that's pretty much it. I am looking forward to getting started on projects and bring more success to this company.