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Our Biometric Lab takes the guesswork out of Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Using the latest technology, sensors and computing power, we are able to understand your customers emotions better than ever before. Unlocking thousands of cells of data allows us to form over 80 potential tests for the average Biometrics Session.

Using The Latest Tech

Biometric User Experience Lab

Every customer is different. We help you understand them.

By understanding your customer behaviours, and your business goals, we are able to analyse Biometric data that give you deep insight like never before. How consumers interact with eCommerce sites can be be the making (or breaking) of a business. It can also be that final jump to take your business to that next level, and align with your growth objectives.  

Biometric User Experience Lab
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How Does It Work?

We take a sample of your customers, as part of a focus group. We invite them to use your site, app, product or service in our lab.

Together, we define key user journeys that you would like to test. That could be purchasing a product, or using a core piece of on site functionality. Our lab collects data ranging from emotional arousal & stress responses (by monitoring skin sweat to detecting emotional responses), through facial expression analysis and attention analysis (through eye tracking).

How Does It Work?
Invaluable Insights

The Analysis

Once we have gathered Biometric data from your tests, we aggregate it and begin the analysis.

Our team of certified analysts (supported by our board of practising psychology professors and lecturers) understand your consumer data, use it to build your brands detailed custom report.

Only once we understand your customers fully, do we present you with a hypothesis of further tests or changes to implement on your website, app, in your marketing, or across your other digital assets.

The Analysis
Case Study

UX Lab Report Download.

Download our UX Lab Report for a popular eCommerce website in the fashion industry.

Find out how we used Biometric Technology to gather usability data and unlock new insights into one of the market leaders in the UK fashion retail industry.

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UX Lab Report Download.
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The devil's in the detail. Learn about the elements of our lab analyses & how we use that data.

Take a trip into the scientific world of Biometrics and Psychology, by reading through each of the core features of our Biometric lab.

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Our cutting-edge Biometric User Experience Lab allows you to truly understand (and get to know) your consumers, with all the data you need to back it up.

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