Galvanic Skin Response

Monitor emotional arousal & stress by measuring changes in the skin conductivity.

The sweat on your skin is giving away far more information than you realise. By measuring galvanic skin response, we gain invaluable insight into how strongly you either love something or feel frustrated by something. It becomes an incredibly powerful tool when combined with facial expression analysis.

What Is it?

Galvanic Skin Response or GSR for short, is a method of gauging a candidates emotional responses, either positive or negative, which it does this by measuring electrical skin conductance through sweat on your skin.

The stronger your emotional response to something either which could be stress or arousal, the more moisture is released through your sweat glands and the higher your electrical skin conductance becomes. The data is recorded so we can plot all emotional peaks and troughs and link this to the exact interaction which caused the response. When combined with facial expression recognition we can be reliable insight into the strength of the emotional reaction and whether that was positive or negative.

What Is it?

How does it work?

The sensor monitors skin conductivity between two reusable electrodes attached to two fingers of one hand,

When shown a stimulus the sweat glands become more active, increasing moisture on the skin and allowing the current to flow more readily by changing the balance of positive and negative ions in the secreted fluid (increasing skin conductance).

How does it work?
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