Hello From Space Between!

Hello From Space Between! Web Design & Development House

We're a group of web enthusiasts based in Ashford, Kent, England. We are happiest when we are helping people interact better with websites, and pushing the web to its extreme.

We decided we wanted to use our passions to help as many people as possible. With that in mind, we started Space Between.

Our mission, a simple one, is to put people first! We define people as our clients, their users and our team.

This means;

Making websites that are simple to use, by understanding the people who will be using them.
Speaking the right language, for the people in the room. We don't want to use unnecessary jargon, it doesn’t make anybody feel good.
Allowing you to be a part of everything we do, so that together, we can make something truly amazing.
We hope to work with as many people as possible, and together, make a true impact for your users.

With love,
Space Between Team