Kim Kardashian-West Part of Revolutionary New Shopping App

Kim Kardashian becomes advisor to revolutionary new fashion app called ScreenShop. Comes after the huge success of previous apps.

This week, the reality star was part of new app launch, Screenshop. It joins her already successful Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Kimoji apps, both reportedly raking in millions.

Screenshop is a fashion retail-based app that allows the user to take a screenshot of a person's outfit, e.g. an influencer they follow on social media, that they can then shop for. The app will try to find the exact products if possible, or very similar items, meaning that you can now copy your favourite celeb for a fraction of the cost!

It identifies the shoppable items in the photo. Then once they have been identified, a custom catalogue built in the app, brings up similar products to shop. E.g. the person in the screenshot is wearing a red leather jacket, Screenshop brings up multiple red leather jackets for you to find. The good news is the products do not all come with a Kim K price tag.

It’s a very different approach from her previous projects, though it’s pretty unlikely Kim herself sat coding away in between her KKW beauty launch and her numerous magazine cover shoots.

The website for Screenshop offers up all the ‘underlying magical’ features of the app. In fact, we think it’s quite clever.

There are 6 elements behind the app. Artificial intelligence, computer learning vision, language processing, recommendation algorithm, smart notifications, and storage optimisation.

So for instance, advanced NLP (natural language processing) is used to understand the context of your products in the image. This is the thing that identifies what's what. The website says “A man in shorts with flipflops will be processed differently than a woman in a bikini in flat sandals.” NLP will differ between screenshots.

A recommendation algorithm is also present in the app. Big brands out there like to pride themselves on this type of feature, for instance you may have come across a recommendation algorithm while browsing which movie to watch on Netflix. ‘Because you watched “Sleepless in Seattle" you may like this.’ Sound familiar?

Similar apps that give users the chance to shop outfits do exist, such as LikeToKnowIt and Shop Style. However it appears that none share the smart technology of Screenshop. If we take LikeToKnowIt, it only lets users to browse and shop items the influencers have shared themselves. However Sreenshop gives the user the reigns. Whatever he or she likes the look of, the app brings up for them.

And there is more to the app than just locating that pair of jeans you liked on a blogger, there are multiple features that make this app strong. Storage optimisation keeps the amount of room used on your phone to a minimum and it analyses your social media browsing habits to send you smart notifications of what you may like.

Kardashian-West has been named as an advisor for the app, which was produced by startup developer Craze. "Fashion is moving from a retail space to digital so quickly," she explained in her Forbes interview. And this app aims to change the way you shop.

It has been hailed by the media as the “Shazam for clothing”. The sophisticated technology allows you to find a near-exact replica of an outfit within seconds, all you have to do is take a screenshot. Those with a keen interest in fashion will especially find it interesting. But only time will tell if it takes off or fades in the background.

Screenshop is free to download and try out. For more info about the app and all its features, click here.