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First, a quick introduction...

We’re Space Between and we’re a Conversion Rate Optimisation agency.

Not only are we experts in CRO but we also have an in-house team of UX designers and eCommerce specialists. We pioneer consumer psychology research with one of the UK's only biometrics labs and what we learn from this is often quite spectacular. We like to share the things we learn and so we want to use this opportunity to share with you some of our knowledge on conversion rate optimisation, in the hope that you’ll find beneficial.

Let’s delve a little deeper...

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation is a series of actions taken to help make visitors to your site convert in the way you want them to. More often than not this will be as sale, however, depending on your focus this could be anything from an email sign up to creating an account.

To be able to maximise your CRO process, first you need to understand the users of your website. You need to recognise their behaviour, acknowledge the actions they take and apprehend what it is that’s preventing them from reaching the end goal.

With the ever-changing digital world, the importance of managing your conversion rate as part of your marketing strategy is becoming more and more crucial.

Achieving successful CRO

In order to achieve successful conversion rate optimisation there are a few simple do’s and don’ts you can follow, all of which come back to our core belief - data driven design. Don’t make changes based solely on a hunch or subjective interpretation. Do make changes that are driven by research and discovery.  

The data we can gather allows us to determine where to optimise, what to optimise and who you are optimising for.

Many CRO agencies rely only on one strength, be it UX design or psychological theories. At Space Between we have the expertise and tools to do both. Not only can we carry out cutting-edge customer research, but our eCommerce professionals can turn our findings into actions and see them right through to implementation and testing.

Data Driven Design

The research behind your CRO Strategy is what drives your site forward. Gathering data is central to making the right changes and thus not wasting precious time and money. It comes in two different forms: quantitative and qualitative.

Using tools such as Google Analytics you can crunch hard numbers based on the behaviour of the visitors to your website. Quantitative data from these platforms is important because it shows how people engage with your site in the simplest form.

Information such as where your customers are coming from, is it a search engine or an ad? What are your top landing pages? What pages are your customers presented with first? What elements on the page are they engaging with? What devices are most popular? And most importantly, where are your users abandoning the conversion process?

This customer journey analysis can drive simple design changes such as personalisation or copy optimisation, it can also leave you needing to know why? Cue qualitative data.

Qualitative data allows you to understand why your customers are behaving in the way they do.  It is giving your customers a chance to speak. It can be captured in a number of ways; for example online customer surveys or customer feedback forms. As the data is direct from your users it can of course be subjective, however, this allows you to optimise for your most fitting user.

By asking the right questions to the people that matter, you are able to find information such as why they initially chose your site? How they found the navigation process? And whether it was easy to complete their sale?


With the above research being our first port of call, we are also at an advantage of being able to explore the reactions of your customers even further...our Biometrics Lab is the ace up our sleeve.


The biometrics lab allows us to track the subconscious mind of your focus group. Facial tracking, eye tracking, galvanic skin response and heart rate monitors are just a few of the ways we can research minute behavioural patterns. It’s results from these tests that really help us to understand your customers and tell us what our eCommerce team need to do to drive your CRO campaign forward.


That’s the hard part over. The changes that need to be made are a direct impact on our findings. Once the data has been collated and understood, it’s a case of ‘fixing it’ - this is where many other conversion rate optimisation agencies fall short. It’s one thing knowing the psychology behind your customers, but it’s quite another translating that on to the page.


UX designers, developers and eCommerce specialists are next in line to make the necessary changes. We operate a rigorous testing stage, running split tests or multivariate tests of the changes to your website. After completion our designers begin the final implementation of your new designs.  


Types of Conversions

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. As previously mentioned, what qualifies as a conversion differs from business to business, for most, it’s a purchase. This principal goal is your macro conversion. Examples of macro conversions could be a completed sale, seeking a quote or purchasing a subscription. Your macro-conversion is what drives your revenue.

Then there are your micro-conversions. There are a vast number of micro-conversions that take place prior to your macro-conversion being completed. Micro-conversions can appear anywhere throughout the purchase funnel and can be anything from creating an account or checking availability to adding an item into your shopping basket or signing up for an email newsletter. Although not your primary goal, your micro-conversions are just as important. All of these smaller engagements can allow you to see a bigger picture and provide guidance to the reactions on your page.

Our biometrics lab can help pinpoint the stumbling blocks your visitors might be facing. With the minute tracking, be it eye-tracking, facial expressions or pupil dilation, we can learn so much more about your macro and micro-conversions and convert the findings directly to business growth and revenue.

Benefits of conversion rate optimisation

By getting the absolute best results from your conversion rate optimisation you will of course increase your ROI. However, in the process CRO can benefit your website in many more ways.  


Let’s start with a list, everybody loves a list, especially a list of benefits:


  • A better ROI.
  • CRO is more cost effective than ways of finding new visitors.
  • A better user experience.
  • An increase in engagement throughout your site.
  • A better site will encourage repeat visits and purchases.
  • A higher likelihood for people to recommend your site.
  • Enhanced customer insights.
  • CRO helps you to find the right customers for your business.
  • A site that works well breeds trust into customers.
  • Increased conversion allows an increase in advertising spend.
  • With more advertising spend you can increase your market share.


You ROI is of course what drives your business forward. However, with the realisation of what CRO can achieve it opens you up to a much broader view of where these tests can take your site.  


It helps you to understand your key audience, giving you a better concept of the customers you want to attract. This is profitable because, increasing the conversion of existing customers is much more cost effective than advertising for new ones.  


Optimising your website to be the best it can helps your customers navigate from page to page. Visitors come to your site for a particular purpose, you need to make sure they can find what they want quickly, and engage with it as they would expect, so as not to have them get bored and bounce to a competitor’s site.


You will no doubt already be paying for traffic to your site, whether it’s PPC, social media, or display ads. An optimised conversion rate means your changes have paid off and you will be receiving a higher return on investment. This in turn will allow you increase the budget you have for paid ads.

Understanding the importance of Customer Behaviour

Due to the complexity of the Internet and how rapidly it changes, customer behaviour is continuously developing and becoming more intelligent. Users’ movements can be unpredictable and you need to be conducting regular tests to keep up.


Your customers’ behaviour is a sole concern. It’s not knowing ‘how’ they perform a task that you need to master, it’s ‘why.’  To do this we turn to Sigmund Freud. Freud was a neurologist and the founder of Psychoanalysis, he presented the idea that grounds digital consumer behaviour today:


Freud suggests that we have a conscious, preconscious and subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is driven by instinct and emotion and it’s this part of your mind that governs your conscious behavior. Customer surveys and feedback are an excellent way to get customer insight but these responses are thought out. Customers have time to give an answer and so it may be manipulated, not necessarily in a negative way, but it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that counts. It’s the subconscious mind that really interests us, after all your sub-conscience can’t hide the truth.


The advances in technology and expertise at Space Between allow us to tap into your customers’ minds like never before. The biolab, originally used for scientific research has been repurposed for digital commerce. This platform enables us to gain psychological insights by tracking up to 72 emotional data points of your focus group. These include feelings such as; happiness, contentment, indifference, confusion, trust, and anticipation.


The tests are diligent and meticulous, they help us to identify difficulties and barrier points that your visitors are facing. Our step-by-step guide will further explain the process we take.  



CRO benefits your SEO


The benefits of CRO extend beyond those listed previously.

We know that when carried out correctly, as well as growing your revenue, increasing your conversion rate will also enhance the usability of your site. Customers will engage more and enjoy the time they spend online. Time is precious to your visitors so you want to serve them efficiently, delivering the right information as well as an easy process to browse and make a purchase of some kind.

This is music to Google’s machine learning ears.

These pages are rewarded with the unicorn status and that benefits your position in the SERPs.  


Your dwell time combines your session duration, CTR and your bounce rate. It calculates the time from a potential customer clicking on your ad in the SERPs and the time they spend on the page until they click to return to the search results. Dwell time is of major importance to us because all three components: CTR, session duration and bounce rate can be optimised with the right CRO campaign.


These factors have a direct impact on your SEO results; Google highly reward pages that give users the answer to their search query and these are the elements that Google’s machine learning algorithms want to see.



Our Tools and Strategies


Let’s get down to business. How can we help you?


We’re located in Ashford, Kent. Being only half an hour from London means we are able to work closely with all of our clients, no matter where they’re located. Being in such a prime location allows us to build relationships that help us to fully understand the needs of our customers, as well as our customers’, customers.

Our approach is different and we want to share it with you.


We are a multi-award-winning team. Our skills are made up of CRO specialists, developers, UX designers, copywriters and SEO experts, among many more. Our passion for technology, data and design are what drive our business forward and continue to keep us ahead of the game.


We’re approachable.


We like to think we’re pretty easy-going. It’s important for us to pass our enthusiasm on to our clients, we don’t however, want you to get bombarded with jargon, we work closely with your team to make sure you understand both processes and results, without feeling bamboozled.


We keep a steady head.


We focus on the core CRO metrics before jumping in head first, we’re experts in what do, so we won’t have you diving in at the deep end if we don’t think you need to. Our portfolio of proven results is a testament to what we do and how we work with our clients. We’re extremely proud of our 96% positive test, pass rate.


We keep a finger on the pulse.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is ever-evolving. Technologies change, algorithms alter and consumer behaviours adapt. Our savvy, motivated team are always learning new skills, as well as mastering the old.  Being fortunate enough to have technological advances such as the biolab on our side, it’s clear to see why we’re excited about what we do. Many conversion rate agencies understand that CRO and customer psychology are united, however, not all of them have the ability to put a theory into practice, nor turn results into design.


This is where we prosper. Here’s how...



Data Driven Insights

All of our decisions are lead by data. We don’t do things on a whim or based on a hunch. We’re not saying don’t trust your gut because you could act on that and achieve a great result, but not always and in our opinion, it’s not worth the time or money.

Design ideas are subjective, you might like a particular image or process in your sales funnel but that doesn’t mean the masses will. Having thorough test results and working with statistically significant data eliminates the chances of getting it wrong.

The experience we have extracting data from Google Analytics, heat maps, surveys and our biometric lab will teach us everything we need to know about the visitors to your site and help us understand where there are areas to improve.


Google Analytics comes second nature to us, we’d go as far to say we could use it with our eyes closed. The platform enables us to ascertain information from the customers visiting your site. We can analyse what device they’re using, their chosen browser, the keywords that brought them there, their entry point, what they’re doing when they land on your page and when they decide to leave. Collating and analysing this information is a vital stepping-stone in forming our hypotheses.


Owning our biometrics lab puts us in pretty good stead. The lab allows us pick up on minute behavioural patterns that we couldn’t otherwise do; your eye hovering over button or the split-second emotion you felt looking at products. Being able to record human responses as quick as 400 milliseconds is an impossible feat without the use of biometrics.  

The lab allows us to target your particular customer base and track their movements from entering your site, through to the final sales process. Eye Tracking, Facial Recognition, Galvanic Skin Response, EEG Tracking and Pupil Dilation:

  • Eye Tracking: This enables us to see what parts of the site your eyes are drawn to, if your eye hovers, how long for and if it overlooks something of importance.
  • Facial Expression Recognition: This tracks the movements of your face to interpret how you are feeling about what is presented on your screen.
  • Galvanic Skin Response: This measures your sweat and heart rate, amongst other elements, to test the depth of your emotions.
  • EEG: This tracks the activity in your brain and is used to gauge your levels of engagement with the website.
  • Pupil Dilation: This records pupil dilation and constriction which tells us how hard your brain is having to work whilst on the site.

Collating all of this data can help us understand what it is that makes your consumers tick. It shows the how’s and why’s behind the decisions they are making.  

It truly is invaluable data.

UX / UI Design and Ecommerce

As well as being experts in research and discovery, we also have a team of skilled designers in-house to put our findings into action. This is a something we’re particularly proud to boast, because it streamlines the process for our clients and gets changes live much more quickly and efficiently.

Our years of experience have shown proven results in our design skills. We work closely with your team to design pages that stay true to your brand, whilst allowing a seamless transition for your customers from browsing to making a purchase. The initial wireframes help you to visualise the look and feel, whilst our interactive prototypes enable us to run thorough tests and ensure you’re 100% happy with our choices before commencing to our testing stage.

As a retailer, eCommerce is crucial to your marketing strategy. You need your site to work exactly as your customers expect. They want smooth, coherent actions and a seamless, fast sales process. Our eCommerce experts are inventive and contemporary. We invest a lot of time in making sure we’re ahead of the game with up and coming design features and eCommerce platforms. We pride ourselves on our passion for retail and drive to succeed.



A/B testing


Split tests and multivariate tests are one of the most profitable actions you can choose to do. Once we are aware of the sticky points on your site and have found the areas we are confident we can improve, we can run A/B tests and if necessary, multivariate tests as well. We work closely with your team to implement these changes and split your traffic across multiple pages with different designs.  As soon as we’re happy that the tests have been run for long enough and we have gained substantial data we can begin the process of developing the successful changes.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning comes into play when we are ready to test our findings. Along with our biometrics lab, it is another extremely powerful tool that enables us to produce results that time-consuming, manual testing just cannot do.

Achieving successful CRO requires time and dedication, and without the use of machine learning, or AI as it’s often known, even more so. Reaching a positive result requires numerous alterations and readjustment, having our skilled designers and developers just across the desk already puts us in good stead to get things done quickly, however, with our knowledge of machine learning, we can go one better.

AI allows retailers who receive high volumes of traffic to test a large combination of micro elements. The testing abilities of machine learning can equate to millions of split test variants, we have achieved over 5.5 million split test variants with one particular client alone, in a period of just 2 weeks. As you can imagine, this is not something that conventional A/B testing can do.  It can quickly and efficiently show which flaws are causing customers to exit their sales journey and uncover the most valuable paths to increase conversion.

Our machine learning abilities aid our campaigns; making them more efficient, from data accumulation through to analysis and implementation.

Our Step-by-Step CRO Guide


  1. You. Our journey begins with you. We work closely with you and your team to find out exactly what you’re after, from your aspirations to your budgets. We chat, we brainstorm and we discuss.


  1. Research. We become the customer. Our research begins with understanding what your customers need. We discover everything we need to know through talking to them, putting surveys in place, heat maps, analysing data from Analytics and utilising our biometrics lab with targeted focus groups.


  1. Discovery. Once we have enough data we are able to fully understand where the customer journey is failing. We can look at the barrier points as well as what elements are working well and establish our hypothesis for the problem areas.


  1. Implementation. Our team of front-end designers, UX/UI specialists and eCommerce experts will busy themselves with producing designs for you to approve. They create wireframes and working prototypes.


  1. Testing. Our designs are turned live for the testing stage. We’ll agree a series of tests together, be it an A/B split or on a multivariate scale. We keep a close eye on the data and can see which of your pages are performing best. Changes can be made if need be, nothing is set in stone. Once we’re confident we have enough data, we will stop the tests and set to implement the successful designs.


  1. Success! A successful conversion rate strategy sees proven results. Through sleek design, your consumer conversion will have increased along with your ROI.


Money Back Guarantee

Our years of experience have allowed us to become confident in our approach, so much so that we guarantee our work.

If you choose to work with us and we don’t increase a single conversion across your website, we will happily give you your money back. How many CRO Agencies can say that?

Contact Us

If you’d like to have a chat about your business or ideas that you have, give us ring. We’d love to hear from you. Alex, our Head of Customer Growth is on hand to answer your questions. You can give him a call on +44 (0) 1233 800 991 or drop him an email at [email protected] and he will be happy to help you out.

Case Studies


We’re only as good as our last success.


And it just so happens our last success was pretty spectacular. We’ve built up a portfolio that we’re proud of and so our successes continues to grow.




HR GO are part of a national group of specialist recruitment and business services. They have over 60 years experience and are continuing to expand on their 40 outlets across the UK. Despite their success and continual growth, they saw further potential in their website that they knew they weren’t fulfilling. Cue Space Between.


Space Between have built a close relationship with HR GO. We understood their needs and knew exactly what was needed for them to achieve a higher conversion.


The HR GO site was very rigid, it was difficult for staff members to easily make changes, they required flexibility. They needed the ability to quickly create custom pages and be able to alter the look and feel.


Space Between began the design process, we worked alongside the team at HR GO to design a site that not only pleased the large stakeholders but most importantly, the consumers. We created wireframes and ran rigorous tests. We quickly knew what we needed to do to achieve higher engagement, higher conversion and a higher ROI for the HR GO Recruitment team.


The solution saw the build of a custom component lead website controlled by a modern Umbraco CMS. We utilised contemporary grid layouts which meant HR GO could easily build pages that work effortlessly across browsers and devices.

The new design means customers can easily sign up for jobs, leave their required information and customers found it more useful and engaged with the site so much more. The newly designed job board also had SEO benefits seeing higher rankings in the SERPs.


HR GO have seen phenomenal results since the new redesign. We have increased conversion from 7% to 18%, which is a huge 156% increase. Consumer engagement has increased, their bounce rate has reduced and we’ve saved the team hours of administration time, amongst many other benefits, including over £700,000 in increased revenue in just 3 months.