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UX Research & Planning

We start by understanding your customers and their goals. Using tools such as our biometric lab, screen recordings, click tracking, heat maps all combined with in-depth analytics, allows us to gain a detail insight into your customers. We then use this data to make informed decisions about areas of your site that may need attention.

Our Process

Biometric Lab

We start by learning how your users interact with your site and this lays the foundation for all of our future work. With our cutting edge biometric lab we will ask users to interact with your site or application and record their interactions, emotions and results.

This first step in our research and planning allows us to truly understand your customers on both a conscious and sub-conscious level. Equipped with the data we will analyse it to give you the best possible information regarding area's of your site that users have struggled with.

Combining our biometric data with current and historical analytics data we will uncover some great insights into your site and we'll use this combined data to form a key part of our recommendations to you.

Find out more about our UX Biometric Lab.

"To be a great designer, you need to look a little deeper into how people think and act."

On-site Research

We use a variety of tools and tests on your current site to collect user behaviour information on a much larger scale on your site. These tools allow us to collect a large amount of interaction data and combined with your site analytics we are able to identify any areas of your site that users are having difficulty engaging with.

Simply Talking

Often an overlooked tool, but simply talking to your customers can provide invaluable insight that may otherwise take you a long time to uncover through data alone. Engaging with your customers directly can often solve some of your simpler problems quickly and easily and identify larger issues early on.


Working together is the only way we can truly understand your business inside and out. We want to share your industry knowledge so we can apply our expertise to your challenges and together define long-term solutions. We host workshops with your team and key stakeholders to ensure we fully understand your challenges and work as an extension to your team to deliver results.

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