The Training Effect

The Training Effect needed a CMS platform that would allow them to launch and manage multiple brands and websites easily. The bespoke training portals needed to allow secure user authentication whilst offering flexibility.


The Training Effect needed a platform on which to launch multiple brands easily and flexibly. The individual brands would need to hold a portal which would be used as a training aid, this would need to include user authentication.

Kick Off

Space Between kicked this project off by sending questionnaires out to teachers who used the current platform. This involved us spending time talking and learning about the highs and lows of the website at the time. From this, we gained some great findings and could really start our learning on what the teachers would want. This highlighted that one of the main points of contention on the old platform was logging in and registering.

These learnings fed into our design sessions so that we could ensure we built a product that the tutors using it would be proud of.


The end solution clearly defined the login and register portion of the website which was a clear bugbear of the tutors using the platform. We also focused on building a flexible platform that would grow with The Training Effect team as they grew their business.

We also made sure to have the brandable portion, this means that the Risk Avert and Head First brands can both live on the same codebase, making it much more efficiant for The Training Effect team to move forward.


Since the release of the new website, The Training Effect have received positive feedback about the new platforms. The questions related to registering and signing up has reduced and their goal completion has increased.

Now what

We gained a great connection with The Training Effect team over the project and we continue to work with them on a basis to assit them on continuing to develop their platform and our hosting is holding their web site.

View the Risk Avert website View the Head First website