User Experience Design

Wireframing & Prototyping

We work with you to design and build interactive and working prototypes that aim to solve friction points on your site discovered by our research. We understand that this process is an iterative one and so we work with you making changes and improvements until we reach a solution that looks great and achieves your goals.


Design Sprints

Following on from our research and planning we will work with you in a design sprint to quickly produce initial wireframes and prototypes.

During this phase you will be in direct contact with the designers who are working on your project and together you will be able to conceptualise your initial thoughts and ideas. Your design sprints will involve every stakeholder in your project along with designers, developers and project managers from our team to ensure that initial ideas are rapidly qualified and considered.

Design Sprints


Once we have worked with you to understand your users, their challenges and your commercial goals we begin building your wireframes.

Wireframes will layout the building blocks of your site and allow you to begin to visualise how your site will start to look and importantly function. We expect the wireframe process to be an iterative one and so we will listen to your feedback and produce revisions to ensure the wireframe meet your objectives.



We will take your wireframes and turn them into interactive prototypes that will allow you to navigate, click and browse through your wireframes.

This process of building interactive prototypes allows you to understand the user journey at an early stage and spot any potential issues in your project.

Prototype will be produced that you will be able to share with your wider teams and management that allows you to gain sign-off from all of your projects stakeholders prior to any development work beginning. Once completed and agreed, your prototypes will aid developers working on your project to fully understand the design, layout and functionality you desire for your project when they are building your site.

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